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Broadband, Fibre Leased Line & Internet Filtering

Broadband, Fibre Leased Line & Internet Filtering


As an authentic ISP and member of the Internet Service Providers’ Association (ISPA), we are dedicated to providing you with the fast, reliable connections you require. As we run our own network, we are able to ensure that your service remains uncongested. This means that each school receives a dedicated connection and its speed is assured – enabling the internet to run consistently and reliably throughout the day.

Leased Line

As well as providing standard broadband connectivity, we also supply fibre-based leased lines for larger schools. Offering the most reliable, stable and secure connectivity available today, a leased line is a brilliant option for those schools requiring a high amount of bandwidth. Dedicated exclusively to your school, you will receive an uncontended line with a 1:1 contention ratio. This means that it is not shared with any other users, and you will receive the entire amount of bandwidtAh at all times. As the connection is symmetrical, you will receive the same upload and download speeds. Leased lines have a standard lead time of 35 to 60 working days.


Alongside protecting your school’s network from intrusion, a Stormshield firewall allows you to enact advanced content filtering. The annual maintenance service provides you with ongoing updates, return-to-base warranty and support from Stormshield.

Firewall and Security Services

We work with leading firewall providers Fortinet and Stormshield to supply your school with the most effective and secure forms of network protection available today. These Unified Threat Management (UTM) solutions consolidate all your school’s security needs into one centrally-managed device.

Providing you with complete visibility over your network’s activity, the firewall views events on every computer and device – identifying anomalies by either an individual user, or the network as a whole. This makes it an invaluable diagnostic tool when investigating any traffic fluctuations which may occur. When combined with its analysing feature it becomes particularly effective as a security intelligence application as these events are correlated into detailed reports which can be easily filtered to find the information you need.

These reports are also archived in compliance with relevant regulations, ensuring that you have records of all suspicious activity – for example, attempts to access blocked material, raised security alerts, or detected viruses – should you ever need to reference them, or provide evidence in the case of an e-safety incident.

Alongside creating extensive reports of past network activity, you are also able to view and assess the status of your security in real-time. A monitor allows you to track live traffic, as well as providing a list and detecting the vulnerability of the applications deployed in your network. It also lets you view the status of any VPN connections you have in place, and see which users and services are active, so that you have constant and complete network visibility.

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