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  • I’ve worked with James and his team for over a decade. Put simply, they are the only primary ICT technology organisation that I will affiliate with. They offer my workforce the best in responsive support, adaptability and professional courtesy. This team has next generation thinking, visionary web design and the consistency to make teachers feel empowered and safe in their application of technology. Importantly, they have never let me down and continue to be an integral and essential part of my organisation.
  • Windmill Primary School – Andy Gamble (Executive Headteacher)
  • We have worked with Primary ICT for a number of years and have always found them to offer great service. Their twice weekly technical support visits maintain our network, software and hardware proficiently. They communicate well, explain any technical issues in plain talk and offer solutions and alternatives to potential difficulties. They take the strategic long term view rather than look for quick wins, and were most helpful when we were looking at alternatives for improving pupil access to computers.

    One of the options for upgrading our class computers James suggested was to look at the Ncomputing product. He organised a trial with 9 machines in year 6. We immediately found that pupils were able to be more productive, and such was the success in Year 6 that we extended the trial and rolled out Ncomputing across Key stage 2. It is a very cost effective way of improving access and speed of processing for pupils. As a result of the success of Key stage 2 we have decide to roll them out across the whole school (over 50 machines).

    The support we get for managing the website is most efficient. Updates and amendments are quickly added, allowing us to be prompt when sharing information about pupil’s latest learning experiences and successes. Thank you very much.

  • Swain House Primary School – Su Aaron-Abel (Deputy Headteacher)
  • Establishing an effective new website was a key part of our school improvement plan. Following consultation from staff, parents and pupils, our vision and ideas were put together perfectly by Primary ICT Support. No detail was too small to change or alter so that we could create just the website we wanted. Feedback from parents and pupils has been extremely positive. The website is very well used and is both informative and a learning aid for children. Updates and alterations are quickly added, ensuring it is a very effective form of communication with our whole school community.
  • Barkston Ash Catholic Primary School – Chris Power (Headteacher)
  • On taking on Headship, one of my first priorities was to update an outdated website that did little to reflect the quality of the school. During this very busy time for me, Primary ICT Support listened carefully to what I wanted to create and supported my decision making every step of the way. The service was efficient and accommodating, trying out ideas at my request and refining the smallest of detail until I was happy. I am delighted to open my virtual doors on our school and staff, pupils and parents are thrilled with the site. There is a genuine excitement about a learning and information portal which will enhance teaching and learning both in school and beyond the school day.. Primary ICT are visionaries – they take poorly articulated ideas and turn them into exactly what you were after. I am confident that this marks the beginning of a long and successful partnership.
  • Cookridge Primary School – Sam Bailey (Headteacher)
  • I cannot praise Primary ICT enough for both the service we have received and the quality of our website. They listened to our needs and have given us a website that promotes us wonderfully. The design is clear and simple yet very effective. The website that has been created gives us an internet presence that we can be proud of.

    We were involved and consulted with at every point of the design process. Having created us a fantastic site they have carried on making suggestions as to how we could improve it and make things run more efficiently. As I am not an IT specialist it has been a pleasure to work with a company who do not use jargon and look after all the technicalites for us without making me feel like an idiot!

    Their service was very quick and responsive to our requests and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  • West Yorkshire Symphony Orchestra – Kate Davison
  • Robin Hood Primary School has a very strong commitment to ICT (we are a SLICT Host School and hold the ICT Mark and are on the National Register for Best Practice in ICT). We have a diverse range of equipment with high volume usage and very high expectations.

    The school has enjoyed a very productive strategic partnership with Primary ICT Support for the last three years. During this time, our technical support needs have been met to a very high level of satisfaction. The service we benefit from is highly skilled technically, thorough, efficient and reliable.

    It is of particular importance to me that Primary ICT Support share, and help to shape, our vision for how ICT can impact positively upon the education, lives and life chances of young people.

    As technology evolves and the school’s IT confidence and creativity continues to grow, Primary ICT Support continues to build its portfolio of services. We are currently working together on developing a vision and a delivery system for high quality web-based resources that meet the needs of our community beyond the school walls.

    I am sure that ICT at Robin Hood would not be as developed as it currently is without our partnership with Primary ICT Support. These are interesting, creative and dynamic times in education. ICT will certainly play an increasingly integral part in education in the years to come, as we address key agendas such as ECM and personalised learning. Effective partnership with reliable and efficient ICT Support Services is already an essential requirement for all schools and will be even more so as the future unfolds.

  • Robin Hood Primary School – Mark Wilson (Headteacher)
  • ICT provision in a Primary school can be a real nightmare but thankfully we are well looked after by Primary ICT support. Their weekly visits maintain our network, software and hardware brilliantly allowing me, as ICT coordinator, to concentrate on the curriculum and not on sorting out glitches in the system and jammed printers at every turn!

    On top of this they now provide us with an amazing school website that the staff, children and parents love! It is fantastic to have such an advertisement of all the good work that goes on in our school. The best bit is that we just send our scrappy ideas and pictures to Michael and he transforms it into something wonderful. The children just love being part of building the site and, seeing their work and messages on there gives them a real buzz.

  • Hunslet St. Mary’s Primary School – Sarah Horsbrough (ICT Coordinator)
  • St. Philip’s Catholic Primary School is more than satisfied with the service and support it has received from James and his colleagues over the years. Whenever there has been a problem we have received a quick response and the fortnightly technical support is good. They have recently helped us to develop a web site which was managed in a very efficient and professional way.

  • St. Philip’s Catholic Primary School – Bridget Forbes (Headteacher)
  • We had a real problem – an old website which had started out with loads of enthusiasm and zest – then it died a death because no-one ever had the time to revamp it or update it. Parents were complaining that the state it was in meant that it was worse than having no website at all.

    We contacted Primary ICT Support for help. Within three weeks Michael designed a new website which met our needs. After nagging me senseless for documents to go on it, he made the site live very quickly. Parents are delighted with it and that it’s happened so fast. Staff are delighted because it’s reduced their workload. Overall, a job well done. Thank you Primary ICT Support.

  • Wigton Moor Primary School – Julia Norton (Headteacher)
  • Primary ICT Support have produced a fantastic website for us. They have been helpful and professional and have always been willing to come in to discuss ideas. We are really pleased with the work they have done and are grateful for their ongoing support!

  • Burley St. Matthias Primary School – Laura Borgan (ICT Coordinator)