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Many schools are moving away from LEA broadband and getting improved broadband speeds. Clients are often surprised at the substantial improvement in connection and reduction in cost we can offer their schools.

We are pleased to provide secure school broadband services which are designed especially for the unique needs of schools – maximising speed, safety and reliability.


Our school broadband installation and support package ensures you get market leading broadband. Our broadband and fibre to the cabinet (FTTC & EoFTTC) services are often the most cost appropriate solution. We also offer secure dedicated fiber leased lines and offer ADSL when nothing else is available.

Our broadband installation and support package ensures you get market leading broadband, designed especially for the unique needs of schools – maximising speed, safety and reliability.

Our clients are often surprised at the improvement in connection and reduction in cost we can offer many schools.


To discuss your school’s needs with a broadband expert and ask us any questions you may have, please get in touch.


We believe security is potentially the most important factor of an effective school broadband. Inclusive content filtering screens out Internet sites and information sources which are inappropriate for children, so that your students can make the most of the internet’s knowledge, but in a safe environment.

Security, simplicity, and cost. Every organisation faces these challenges for their environments. However, in education, maintaining an effective balance of these elements is critical all day, every day. Long gone are the days where students and staff were prohibited from using their personal devices and only approved users were granted network access. Today’s digital classrooms require connectivity for almost any device. From primary to secondary’s, students or staff often bring more than one device with them each day. The opening of networks to accommodate the growing number of devices fosters inevitable security risks which could lead to data breaches and data leaks of sensitive student and staff personal information. We understand the unique challenges educators face in delivering engaging, relevant, and meaningful learning opportunities to students while maintaining a high level of network security to protect data and meet compliance standards like HIPAA, CIPA, FERPA, and

We offer a broad range of education discount eligible solutions to provide schools with the products necessary to take control of their networks at an unparalleled and affordable price point. To effectively and efficiently manage bandwidth, granular tools are needed to control access and shape bandwidth for BYOD or 1:1 environments. Our filtering products offer advanced tools to manage users and applications to set the policies required for different groups (i.e., students, staff, administrators, guests and governors) no matter what type of devices they’re using. Quality of Service (QoS) tools allow schools to determine the traffic types that take priority such as VoIP or testing applications over bandwidth-intensive video or music services.

IT Security is in the forefront of the minds of school officials. Data breaches, website defacement, viruses, malware, compliance, even DDoS attacks impact education organizations across all learning environment. Our solution offers a high-performance firewall at its core with additional Unified Threat Management (UTM) features included such as IPS, remote access for all staff, web filtering, application control, and data loss protection. If schools are seeking robust security features, we also offer advanced web application firewalls, DDoS attack mitigation appliances, and multiple convenient options for two-factor authentication.


Firewall & Web Filtering (Prevent Legislation Authorised)
Wireless and Wired LAN/WAN
Network Management
Network Analytics
User Identity Management
Two-factor Authentication
Email Security
Endpoint Management
Web Caching
Web Application Firewall
Application Delivery
Telephone Systems
Video Surveillance


Unlike some other suppliers, we’ll come to your school and install the whole system, configure it according to your needs and test it comprehensively to ensure it performs as expected. We test connectivity and internet activity on your servers, admin machines and the curriculum client devices. We will also carry out a training session on how to use the broadband filtering system with key members of staff.


Once your school broadband is up and running, we don’t just disappear. We’re here to support you through the life of your contract. We have a dedicated broadband & Web Filtering Team with many years’ experience working on various different broadband providers, always there to help, whenever you need us.

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